The Difference.

Precision. From the Beginning.

You want precision and accuracy out of your firearm, whether it be a sub-MOA 1000 yard rifle, an IPSC competition style pistol, or a simple hunting rifle. The only way for that to occur, is to start with precise tools and techniques. We make use of incredibly accurate machines, precise watch-maker quality indicators and military grade materials to make that happen.

Brother CNC


Whether manufacturing parts, or doing work on existing firearms, we use machines that are accurate, and repeatable. Some of the major machines we use :

Brother 3 Axis Vertical Machining Center – Capable of 0.0002″ of positional accuracy, and 0.00012″ of repeatability. 2000 IPM rapids, 10K RPM spindle. Auto tool setter and 14 tool turret.

Precision Matthews Gunsmithing Lathe – with 2 axis DRO’s, inboard and outboard spider chucks and 2″ through bore for chambering.


When measuring, chambering, or indicating, you need tools that are accurate, and repeatable. The majority of our indicating instruments are manufactured in Germany, Switzerland, USA and Japan and are of watch maker quality. They come from the likes of Starett, Mitutoyo, Brown & Sharpe, Haimer, and Interapid. Some instruments, like our test indicators, are capable of reading down to 0.0001″.

Other tools, like our Blum tool setter, allow us to accurately and automatically measure and set tools for use in our vertical machining center.

We also employ the use of tools from gunsmith industry leaders, such as Nat Lambeth, Dave Kiff, Dave Manson and PTG, when chambering, threading, and blueprinting.

​When machining, we make sure to use the best quality holders and cutting tools from the likes of Maritool, Destiny Tool, YG-1, Garr, Arthur Warner and other top tool companies.

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