Dillon RL550 Tool Head


Machined and anodized billet aluminum tool head for Dillon RL550 reloading presses.

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Improve your reloading accuracy with our precision machined tool heads for the Dillon RL550 reloading press. Factory Dillon tool heads are die cast aluminum and have loose tolerances. These tool heads are held to tighter tolerances, CNC machined from 6061-T6 billet aluminum, single point threaded, and clear anodized.

As an added option, add a caliber engraving to your tool head to quickly identify your dies.

  1. Dillon Sheehan

    Not a difficult review to write. The machining is prestine, the threads are correct, the shipping & packaging were as good as one could expect, and finally, and most importantly, the fit is, well perfect. To recieve a product of this quality at that price mark is about as good as a customer can ever hope for. I can find no fault in this product or service. Thank you Metric Arms. All the best in you future, Dillon.

  2. Edward Haslett

    Got one up and running right away. Better, tighter fit than original.

  3. Ken Dyck

    I recently enhanced my reloading equipment with the addition of a Dillon 550 progressive reloading press. I bought it used, and it included set ups for two calibers. The switch to a progressive press has been positive, so I decided to add a few more calibers. Coincidently while searching for Dillon accessories online I came across an ad for CNC machined toolheads. Dillon presses can be converted to another caliber fairly easily. At the heart is a removable toolhead that allows you to remove the present setup without upsetting any of the adjustments, and inserting a new toolhead with dies set up in another caliber. There are other components that are changed, including the shell plate and if required a swap between small and large primers. But at the heart of the swap is the toolhead. The factory toolhead is an aluminum casting machined to accept four dies. It works well with Dillon dies, and doesn’t seem to have any issues. The toolheads made by Metric Arms are machined from an aluminum billet. The aluminum is 6061-T6, and after machining it is hard coat anodized. Every surface of the Metric Arms toolhead is precision machined, definitely a top drawer product. But does it work any better than a Dillon Factory toolhead? I think it does. Dillon dies are made with a radiused and tapered opening. This helps make the reloading process run smoothly, small alignment issues are easily accommodated and the operation of the press is smooth. Other makes of dies are made with single stage presses in mind, and lack the tapered and radiused opening. Unless alignment is nearly perfect, smooth operation can be interrupted. Some of my set ups use various dies, and I appreciate the precision Metric Arms toolhead, it takes one of the variable out of the operation. I have a 38 Special load that works best when I size with an old Pacific carbide sizing die. It gives me the correct sizing that I prefer for this ammunition. Unfortunately the terms radiused and tapered opening cannot be used to describe this die. Alignment is critical. I loaded several hundred rounds and never had an issue. I recommend this product. It is a precision made in Canada piece, it is priced competitively, and works. Metric Arms will be my go to brand for toolheads for my 550 Dillon. And as every surface is machined, it is pretty, comes packaged in a commercial quality bag with a professional looking hang tag. Top drawer.

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