8-40 Screw Upgrade (Rem 700)

8-40 action screw upgrade for the Rem 700 platform.

Our 8-40 screw hole upgrade for Remington actions increases the size of the factory 6-48 holes to a larger sized #8 screw. This helps prevent the scope mounting screws from shearing off, especially with magnum caliber guns. The secondary benefit is that the upgrade helps correct any misalignment of the holes from factory.

Our 8-40 upgrade is accomplished through helically boring and then threadmilling the holes on a CNC machine. Unlike simply drilling and tapping, where the drill and tap will follow the existing holes, helical boring allows the machine to place the holes exactly where they should be without following any existing features.
Pricing assumes a loose receiver. Extra charge if barrel and action need to be disassembled.
Action Length

Short Action, Long Action

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